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Made with you in mind...

Thank you for standing with us.

The mission of AP Cosmetics is to ensure every customer knows that they are OUR customer - every gender, every shade, every texture. 


Our signature PROduction match HD Liquid Foundations include quality ingredients, have undergone the proper testing (cruelty free of course), and was researched specifically for people of color with a variety of shades to choose from unmatched mixing capabilities for any skin tone. Our goal is to consistently add value to the black-owned beauty market while also giving all people (melanated especially) more options of inclusivity. 


When consumers think of the AP Cosmetics brand, we want that value of inclusion to be the first thing that comes to mind. It will become second nature to think that AP has exactly what they need, in their shade, without any difficulty or question. 


Our overarching value (only second to inclusion, of course) is authenticity. Our visuals and marketing will always include individuals that resemble our target audience in its entirety, making our brand even more attractive to the melanated market. 


Our Founder,
Alexandria Patrice

"Honestly, I started this line for myself. When I took a step back and really thought about my life, I realized that what I really wanted was simply a fulfilling career that focused on something that I was passionate about and that I had mastered so it wouldn't feel like a career. The lightbulb went off when I realized I had found real joy in applying my own makeup in the most natural way and THAT is how AP was born. I thought of how others that look like me are often underrepresented by bigger brands and not included in that "perfect" shade nor can it be fully created and I wanted to change that, my purpose is to change that..."


Behind the Brand

Keeping with our priority of being authentic and inclusive, we wanted to be completely transparent in showing some of our pivotal moments in getting here. We have already done and learned so much but building a brand is a journey and this is still on the beginning for us. Click the button below to watch our official #bts video. Captured and directed by The Chloe Branding Co.

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